Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Data Portal

This is the official public site for California investor owned utility energy efficiency program data. The data include both gross and net IOU-reported program tracking and, when available, CPUC evaluation updates.

Program tracking data are updated quarterly, and evaluation updates are available upon completion of relevant studies. Unscheduled updates may occur if merited upon data quality review. Examples of data quality updates include data true-up, new information, or user feedback. Updated data
sets are identified by date. Data are presented in graphical views in the Data Viewer and as downloadable Data Sets in spreadsheet formats.

The Data Viewer provides a platform to see savings for electricity and natural gas, demand reduction, emissions reductions, program expenditures and cost effectiveness. Users can filter by the total statewide portfolio or by IOU territory, as well as by program, market sector, measures, end use, and building type. All views are available as charts, time series, or geographically. Users may also filter for gross/net values, reported or evaluated (when available) and other factors. Data are categorized by program cycle, from 2010-2015.

These downloadable datasets contain a variety of information, including the quarterly energy efficiency program tracking claims and, when available, evaluation updates. All data have had personally-identifiable customer information removed, and each file contains a data dictionary and description of the level(s) at which data have been aggregated.