Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Data Portal, featuring data summaries for IOU EE savings claims and CPUC evaluation updates. Please click on the program cycle (2010-2012 or 2013-2015) you would like to view. Use the filters to identify the data types you seek; reported (ex ante claims) and evaluated (ex post) sets are available for the 10-12 cycle, while the 13-14 cycle currently shows ex ante claims. Data sets are also available as downloadable CSV files. Note: Data for 2013-15 is currently being updated. Click here to see notes.

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2010-12 Program Cycle


1. The sources of data is the quarterly standardized program tracking data submitted by the Investor Owned Utilities and Regional Energy Authorities, and data derived from Commission evaluators. Data for 2010-12 and 2013-14 program cycles come from tracking data submitted during the 2010-12 and 2013-14 energy efficiency program cycles, respectively.

2. The program tracking data does not include savings for Codes & Standards or Low Income programs.

3. The output defaults are NET EVALUATED data for 2010-12 and NET REPORTED for 2013-15; where available use toggle to show Gross and Net Reported; and Gross and Net Evaluated data sets.

4. Gross savings goals come from Adopted Goals in D.04-09-060 and incorporating the changes in D.09-05-037.

5. Cost effectiveness ratios at the portfolio and IOU level includes net present value non-resource costs.

6. Map data does not include savings from upstream programs; upstream programs' savings are shown in all other display views.